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A slat (vane) is elliptical and is available in a fixed or tiltable variant. This type of eye-catching sun control is permanently present and offers excellent heat-resistant and insulating properties. The slats are highly wind resistant and, therefore, have a heat-reducing function on windy days. In short: a valuable, sustainable, and low-maintenance addition to any building!

Aluminum slats

Aluminium vanes can be moveable or fixed in various pre-set positions. The vanes can be power controlled or manually controlled if the dimensions are larger. Aluminium slats can be used horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or as a combination thereof. The elliptical slats can be supplied in dimensions of 100 to 600 millimetres. In addition to the slat, the end caps and the mode of suspension add value in achieving an aesthetic result.

Wooden slats

Elliptical Western Red Cedar wooden slats are available in widths of 190 and 290 millimetres. Different widths are possible upon request. The slats can be fixed or rotatable. It is also possible to work with untreated slats, which will discolour to grey. Using a water-based stain is another option. Our experience handling and working with wood, along with the method of attachment, means we can guarantee the desired systems will be supplied.

Glass slats

Glass slats are a special architectural application and offer good heat reduction combined with maximum transparency. Options include coloured glass, glass with a print, or a frosted glass variant. There are various mounting options: from a supported slat to a completely self-supporting one.

Special designs

We endeavour to meet your requirements and wishes as closely as possible without losing sight of the technical aspects. We offer unique solutions by working together from the outset and using our conceptual approach to involve you every step of the way. We guarantee high-quality solutions from renowned and reputable brands such as Verano® and Lenco.

Would you like more (technical) information or to meet with one of our project advisers? Call us or fill in the contact form. We’d love to pay you a visit!