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Lenco for Architects

Glass, as a key element in contemporary architecture, is increasingly being used in the likes of commercial properties and government establishments. The ideal living and working temperature is set at 21 degrees Celsius, but when using glass, indoor temperatures can rise significantly. To maintain a pleasant climate for living and working indoors, an effective sun control solution is crucial.

Architectural sun control

Architectural sun control contributes to a pleasant indoor climate and offers diverse aesthetic possibilities. Our innovative sun control systems regulate the temperature in a natural and energy efficient way and reduce the cooling load on buildings. Sun control systems minimise incoming sunlight while maintaining sufficient daylight and the external view. Sun control is an essential component of the total building concept and a valuable investment which pays off quickly.

Why Lenco?

Dealing functionally with heat and light is an important aspect of architecture. Our extensive product and service range ensures we are a fully-fledged partner for today’s architect. Every design has different needs and requirements during construction and implementation. Our specialists endeavour to meet your requirements and wishes as closely as possible without losing sight of the technical aspects. We offer unique solutions by working together from the outset and using our conceptual approach to involve you every step of the way. We guarantee high-quality solutions from renowned and reputable brands such as Verano® and Lenco.

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