Lenco for Homeowners

Apartment owners are obliged to contribute an amount every month to the Homeowners Association for major servicing. The temperature can rise uncomfortably through the warmth of the sun, particularly in apartments. The sun can also adversely affect the interior through, for example, discolouration. Additionally, exterior sun control provides considerable energy savings on various fronts.

Exterior sun control

Exterior sun control has a positive effect on the energy consumption in houses and/or apartments. It contributes to an energy-efficient environment and reduces energy costs significantly. Sun control is an essential component of the total building concept and a valuable investment which pays off quickly. In short: sufficient inducement to install exterior sun control.

Why Lenco?

Energy saving is a major social issue and the demand for smart solutions is increasing. Our comprehensive advice and unique product range ensures we are a fully-fledged partner for homeowners. Every design has different needs and requirements during construction and implementation. Our specialists endeavour to meet your requirements and wishes as closely as possible without losing sight of the technical aspects. We offer unique solutions by working together from the outset and using our conceptual approach to involve you every step of the way. We guarantee high-quality solutions from renowned and reputable brands such as Verano® and Lenco.

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