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Lenco for Non-residential construction

Non-residential construction is picking up: the number of new building permits are increasing and building transformation growth is also evident. Energy consumption has been the measure of the sustainability of a building, in which energy labels play an increasingly important role. Energy-efficient and zero-energy construction already offer many advantages compared to standard construction, and in the case of renovations, energy savings also bring significant benefits.

Structural sun control

Structural sun control has a positive effect on energy consumption in office buildings, care facilities, or public spaces. It contributes to an energy-efficient environment and reduces energy costs significantly. Sun control is an essential component of the total building concept and a valuable investment which pays off quickly.

Why Lenco?

Sustainable construction is now considered standard and energy saving is an important issue in non-residential construction. Our extensive product and service range ensures we are a fully-fledged partner for today’s non-residential constructor. Every design has different needs and requirements during construction and implementation. Our specialists endeavour to meet your requirements and wishes as closely as possible without losing sight of the technical aspects. We offer unique solutions by working together from the outset and using our conceptual approach to involve you every step of the way. We guarantee high-quality solutions from renowned and reputable brands such as Verano® and Lenco.

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